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Testimonials from some clients:

“Craniosacral therapy helped improve my hypothyroid condition so that I didn’t have to go on medication. The practitioner-client relationship whereby stillness is experienced together also helped heal some deep emotional wounds for me. I highly recommend this therapy.”
“At the time of the referral my girls were 13 months old and about 4 weeks old and we were facing summer in Florida. Both girls were suffering from heads that were flat in the back and were being recommended for helmets. While my pediatrician was hesitant to accept alternative therapy, the head specialist and the sales representative for the helmets themselves were both encouraging and gave us a six week period to see results. After six weeks the specialist was notably impressed and determined that with continued cranial sacral therapy we could likely avoid any helmets for our children. After 6 months of therapy (3 days a week in our home) our girls were officially released from the pediatric specialist; however, we have used Janet for a full year because we felt that her therapy had continued benefit and it also has soothing effect on our children. More importantly, we found her calming spirit, her in-home service and general knowledge of children to be extremely helpful and comforting. I have recommended cranial sacral therapy and Janet to several friends and will continue to do so in the future..”
"Our infant son's head had become misshapen after birth and worsened after a lengthy recovery from heart surgery, which required him to lie on his back. His head shape has improved dramatically as a result of therapy. It has also been helpful with his sense of calm and well-being."
"Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy has truly made a world of difference in my life as well as the lives of my family. My special needs daughter displays much more independence and confidence after the work on her. My elderly mother demonstrates less fear of life when she gets treatments. While not stress-free, because of this therapy, I am finally calm through it. It has been very beneficial in different ways for each of us. I recommend this treatment for people with varied needs as I have seen success on many fronts with my family members as well as myself. I will be eternally grateful for what this therapy has done for us."
"In stressful times, positional vertigo would render me dizzy, nauseous and unable to function, oftentimes taking 5 - 10 days to resolve with OTC medication that caused drowsiness. A single cranial-sacral treatment resolved a recent episode within 3 hours and I was able to drive and work that same afternoon."
“For me BCST is a modality of integrative healing that I have incorporated into my life on a regular basis. It allows me to sculpt my brain with thought patterns that allow me to become more focused and mindful of my nervous system and therefore every aspect of my life. It steadies my awareness of all the universe and how it affects everything do and the way I am. It has given me the ability to cope and flourish while having to deal with very stressful life situations. I began my research and that is how I came to find Janet. Immediately after my first session I felt a difference as I experienced profound and powerful healing and relief. There was a difference between the CST I had previously experienced and BCST. I am very blessed to have this practioner in my area and plan to continue using BCST for the rest of life.”